Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First Review of Poopology!

My pal, Jaffa Rafferty, purchased Poopology yesterday. He spent last night reading it and he wrote this review of the book!

It's official I'm a Dirt Pooper and I'm not alone!

According to Poopology, the long awaited literary debut of multitalented entrepreneur, cowboy, traveller and bachelor playboy Newman Strickland, my love of Mother Nature's open air toilet facilities places me firmly in this category or should that be scategory?

A mirthfully entertaining and informative read, Pooplogy blows the lid on the most disgusting thing that ever happened to his MRS, advises on how to behave for visitors and introduces us to 'The Crossing Guard'.

There are case studies, real life stories, poems, links and even a handy section on canine poos.

Newman Strickland's hilarious homage to all thing toilet related will inform, engage and entertain everycat and their staff.

Clench your buttocks and save your screen by foregoing refreshment while reading!

Thanks for the pawsome review, Jaffa! Poop On . . . . . .

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