Friday, January 28, 2011

Poopie in the Floofy

Some cats like me have floofy pantaloons and tails. My pals Colleen, Sampy, and Leo know what I'm talking about! When we do our poopie business in the box, sometimes a piece of poopie will get stuck in our floofy!

It happened to me yesterday. I was sitting on the MRS. lap while she was on the computer. She thought she smelled something. I didn't smell anything. She ran her hand down my tail and felt a big clump.

Yep, it was stuck-on poopie. She spent the next half hour chasing me around the house trying to get that poopie out of my floofy! It's not an easy job, and I hissed at her a few times. Here are the steps your Mommy can try if you get poopie stuck in your floofy.

1. Have her use her bare hands and try to pry it out of your fur - this will gross her out!

2. Tell her to get a washcloth and rub it out of your tail or pantaloons. This usually makes a big stinky mess.

3. Jump on the kitchen table while she gets the scissors to cut it out. You will see her run real fast to get those scissors while she is yelling at you to get off the table.

4. Tell her to feed you and then while you're eating, she can try to cut it out of your fur.

5. Wait til it dries (they hate waiting) and then brush it out.

Do you cats have any other tricks for getting the poopie out of your floofy?

Poop On . . . . . . .


  1. Baby wipes work wonders on my pantaloon babies. Unfortunately, 3 of our cats feel the wrath of Mr. Scissors...

    Once a month I'll cut near the bum hole area and trim the fur. That helps the poopies not attach to their pantaloons!

  2. Harry says he has to be held by Daddy and then he gets attacked by the scissors.

  3. Well, if eye canna clean me pooped flooffed furst, it use a willy get taken off with toy let tizz ewe. Poop on my friend. Tuna of moon

  4. keeping the pantaloons trimmed helps, but doesn't totally solve the problem here. The grab it method is the first to try (if it's solid) and next is the cut out. For icky poopies, bum washing is the only way to go :(