Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Variety is the Spice of Life!

This is Bobbie - today is her 6th birthday! She lives in England. She is my model today because I wanted to show you that no matter where you travel, most human litterboxes look the same!

Us cats have it pretty good because we have a lot of different choices in litterboxes. Here are some of the ones we can pick from:

1. Boxes with a Hood

2. Boxes without a Hood

3. Robot Boxes

4. Boxes that sift, and other kinds that sift

5. Storage Containers

6. Litter Boxes that look like furniture

7. Boxes with the hole in the top

8. Litterboxes that look like a human litterbox

9. Domed boxes

What kind of litterbox do you use? All of our litterboxes have hoods on them. We also have a Litter Robot, but I'm the only one who uses it - all my siblings are afraid to go in it!

Not only do we get a huge selection when it comes to our litterbox, there is also a huge selection of types of litter!

Humans just use water!

Poop On . . . . . Newmie


  1. This is Miles. I don't know if my name will show up after my comments, so I'm telling you. Anyway now that I'm almost 22, I'm using a throw rug instead of a box because it takes too long to get to the litterbox. Mama gave up and just lets me have my throw rug and she washes it a lot. When you get over 20 you can get away with a lot!

  2. Hi, it's Bobbie here.

    WOW Newman, what an honour.

    Thank you so much for featuring me in your blog today. I'm so glad you appreciated my pic!!

    I absolutely LOVE being around the human litter box!! Mum and Dad have not quite worked out why though. Whenever i hear one of them head towards the human litter box, I am there, meowing, squeaking and rolling around on the floor at their feet MOL.

    It's very amusing when we have guests who use the human litter box room and when they open the door they find me there waiting to pounce on them!!!

    As for kitty litter boxes, we have both a covered one and an open one. Me and Betsy prefer the enclosed one, and Brucey prefers the open one. We also go to the litter box outside as we are allowed outside when Mum is not out or at work. We always use the same litter too as once Mum had to use a different one as she couldnt get to her usual store, and we were very unhappy, so now she will always ensure we have the same litter.

    Thank you once again for this great honour, not only to appear on your blog, but to appear on you blog on my 6th Birthday and also on my favourite topic!!!

    Love and hugs Bobbie xxxx

  3. newman:

    we hafta use a paw me down frum gram dude n we gotta blue one N a white one thatz reeely durty lookin n sum maroon girlie color box....dew ewe noe wear we can getta box shaped like a trout ?

    thank mew

    tuna N sauce

  4. I have to use the SAME box as boomer and if that's not just WRONG I don't know what is.....


  5. yea, well eye'm knot to keen on da idea either but we do get to use a low side given da fact eye'm like...13...eye think ?? !!!

    boomer o cat

  6. We use regular, uncovered boxes, and they are extra large :)

    Purrs Tigger