Sunday, May 1, 2011

We Like Bathrooms!

Hi pals - Newman here! I know us cats already know this, but I thought I'd better report on it for all the people who don't own cats and might be thinking about getting a cat.

Cats like bathrooms! Here is my pal, Mazie. A couple of weeks ago, she went to her new forever home. She decided that the bathtub was going to be her chillaxin spot. Her new Mom couldn't take a bath, but Mazie didn't care. She wasn't going to budge!

I think Mazie knew about all the tornados flying around, and she heard the bathtub was the best place to be! She eventually came out of the tub (after being bribed with baby food) so her Mom could take a shower. I guess the stink on her Mom was getting to her! MOL!

At our house, we love going into the bathroom when the MRS. uses the human litterbox. We hear her get up every morning, and we all parade in the bathroom. It's a ritual. Gleek comes in and sits at her feet. Violet and Inky come in to get head rubs. I like looking through the shower doors, and then I jump on the bathroom counter to take a look around and check out my handsome face in the mirror.

I even heard that one of my pals uses the bathtub as his litterbox. The MRS. thinks that would be a lot better than tracking litter all through the house. Maybe she will put our litterbox in the bathtub!

Do you like bathrooms too?


  1. MOL - Mazie has one of the original Morgan's Beds! That was the Grand Prize in Babes in Blue. Soo happy to see she is enjoying it and it still looks great!

    Purrs from the Ship


  2. Yep, we love the bathroom, too! Starla uses the bathtub sometimes to pee in, but when it's washed again then Freya & Heimdall play spring in it. After Mommy or Daddy take showers, we all love to crowd into it and lick the water off the sides & bottom of the tub. Heimdall loves the bathroom counter, too, and the top of the laundry hamper is a fun watch-the-hallway place! Skylar used the tub as a sleep-spot during his last days, and loved to take baths.